Maybe, you’re your own enemy of progress.

x354-q80Accountability is a simple word that maintains so much power in life. To be responsible means taking control and having the ability over a decision. Rarely do I set goals and not accomplish them. Almost always I take the action step and maintain responsibility of my actions. Thus, unless some external factor impacts my ability to accomplish a goal, I pretty take ownership of not achieving my goal. Okay, let me give an example here– I had a baby about a year ago. I set a goal to lose all my baby weight (don’t ask how much I gained lol ) by my birthday (which was this past June). Now this goal was important to me, very important actually, because I wanted to get back on track to a healthier lifestyle. Yes, I had roles as a student, wife, mother, employee, Christian–all that to fulfill. However, the reality is I didn’t lose all of the weight I wanted by June not because of these external factors, because to an extent I had control over them. I could’ve easily prioritized and taken that hour each day I spend doing absolutely nothing to working out for at least 45 minutes. There has been a lot of reflection which leads me to realize that I am my own enemy of progress with this particular goal. There were many days I gave the “I’m too tired” excuse. I’m in no way minimizing the roles and responsibilities we have in addition to some of our personal goals. I am encouraging us to reflect and recognize any ways we may be contributing as a barrier to any of our goals. How are you your own enemy of progress today? How do your surpass the pattern of making excuses? Reflect. Set your goals. Work toward them. Don’t let you be the reason you become stagnant in life.





Purpose. The reason for which something is done or created.

mayaangelouThis word, although so simple, has so much power and meaning. I sit at 28 years old still trying to figure out what I want to be “when I grow up.” Of course, as a Christian, I realize my purpose is to live and serve God, as well as evangelize to others about my relationship with Him. I get that! But on a less in-depth level, I want to accomplish more. I have an amazing career and I am well-educated. Despite this, there are still many times I feel unfulfilled. Like there is more I want to do with myself. Some have called it unrealistic and being an overachiever. I don’t quite disagree with being an overachiever. However, I don’t want to simply exist in this world. I want to live, leave a mark, and leave feeling fulfilled. I occasionally question if i am doing certain things to fulfill other people’s expectations of who I should be rather than doing what I want to do. Maybe that is why I don’t feel fulfilled? Idk. There is a lot I have pondered on these past few days. I wonder if anyone else can relate. I wonder if others also want more for themselves. Are you still trying to understand and achieve all of your purpose? If so, pray. I believe with consistency in prayer, you and I will develop more clarity & certainty.

Please, don’t misunderstand me wanting more for myself as being unhappy. Absolutely not! I love my blessed life. I just want to strive for more and go beyond being just a well-educated Black woman with a successful career. I want to be useful in multiple areas.